About Us

A same-day delivery service that always exceeds expectations through proven reliability and efficiency.

Prompt & Reliable Services

There is nothing worse than a delivery not being on time, or worse not on time and arriving in bad condition. But do not fear, with PTP Logistics, we ensure that your goods are always delivered on-time, sometimes even ahead of schedule, and in perfect condition. 

We specialise in same-day deliveries in the UK and across Europe, giving you the reassurance that you couldn’t find a company more suitable for your time constraints. We have vast experience in complex delivery instructions, and all of our delivery drivers endeavour to meet all of your criteria. 

To give you confidence further, all drivers log all journeys and carry out the relevant paperwork to cover our backs and yours. Once we have delivered your item(s), we will provide you with proof of delivery electronically no more than an hour after your goods have been received. Additionally, we will send you a hard-copy of this evidence through the post within 5 working days after your goods have been delivered. 

We hold all relevant insurances: public liability, goods in transit and full hire & reward. On top of that, we also manage sub-contract drivers who are vetted, trusted and follow the same code of practice as our own.

Core Values

Our values stem further than generic delivery couriers’. We understand demand and expectations; by going the extra lengths always to deliver your goods on time, you will never run the risk of lost custom or impairment of relationships with your partnerships. 

This is what matters most to us- representing you as a reliable and trustworthy supplier, manufacturer, consumer or distributor by ensuring that your word is always kept. We guarantee efficiency through strategically transporting your goods; we will always allow extra time on top of our journey duration so that we are covered in the likelihood of traffic or road works etc. 

We want to give you ease, and so we will always work towards a solution that delivers you with precisely that. Our same-day delivery policies are always guaranteed; all you need to do is give us your instructions, and we will then provide you with the relevant documents that your delivery was successful.

Our Vision & Mission

In order to deliver you with guaranteed service, we continuously strive towards a solution to meet all needs. As an all-rounded delivery courier, we need to make sure that our vehicles can facilitate every clients’ requirements. Whether your business lies in manufacturing, technology or health care, for instance, we can source you a vehicle of the required size.

We want to take the stress away from you when wondering if your goods will be received on time and in their original condition. With our affordable, convenient and hassle-free same-day deliveries, all you need to do is give us instruction and then you can return to doing what you know best. 

We always want to give you full confidence in our same-day delivery services in Europe. Too often, delivery services aren’t guaranteed, and documents are lost. That’s why our vehicles are always tracked and monitored, and you will still be given proof of delivery through both digital and hard-copies. What’s more, we can even keep you updated on our journey through your preferred choice of contact!

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